About Me

a picture of me, Haley, creator of Light Up the Night Candle Co

Nice to meet you! 

My name is Haley and I'm a stay at home momma with a passion for creating! Enter candle making. This was an idea I played around with years ago due to the running joke my husband and I have where I'd come back from the store with a candle (or 5)... every time! I made a few for family and friends as a Christmas gift one year, but I had no idea where to even start with making them, start a whole  business, and I was also caught up in other life things so it just left my mind. One day while my husband and I were out at the mall, I dragged him into the candle store. He jokingly said I should just make my own and, at this point, I was so overwhelmed from being a momma to two beautiful toddlers that I desperately needed an outlet to help with my mental health. I, of course, took that joke seriously and here we are!  I fell in love with making candles and wax melts instantly and knew I had to pursue it further 
than just as a hobby. It's not only been a wonderful creative outlet, but it's also been so very helpful in keeping my mental health.. well... more healthy!

My goals are, not only to create to bring happiness to myself, but to those who purchase my products and make high quality products with clean ingredients you all can have confidence in using.